March 1983

established as Dae Dong Industries

March 1985 started to produce Low Fin Tube and Inner Fin Tubes
August 1988 Incorporated under name of Dae Dong Shin Gwan co.,Ltd.
October 1988 started to produce Heat-exchanger Tube for Turbo-Freezer, Absorpion type Freezer, and Chilling unit such as Evaporator and Condenser
March 1990 nominated as a Prospective Corporation by Busan Bank
August 1992 moved to jangrim Industrial Zone
January 1993 obtainde Korean Standard Certificate (Registration No. 9707)
October 1995 set up #2 Bull block and #1 Combined Drawing Machine
October 1998 obtained ISO9002 Certificate, in the scope of Production and service of Seamless Copper & Copper Alloy Tube
June 1999 registered with the Cooperativ Society of Korea Heavy industries C/L
July 1999 equipped #2 Eddy-Current Tester
March 2000 obtained Manufacturer Certificate from Lloyd's Register for Copper Alloy Tubes

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